Elope the Island is a partnership between two photographers who started out as peers and ended up really good friends.

cheryl perry

Cheryl is the kind of photographer who loves to capture heartwarming, intimate moments on a wedding day. She gets family – afterall, she has three fantastic kids and an amazing husband who provide lots of inspiration. For Cheryl, the best feeling in the world is strapping on a pair of skates and cruising around on freshly flooded ice. And she should know, as a hockey mom and player she spends countless hours at the rink. A dog lover, chocolate truffle connoisseur, and avid fan of non-traditional wedding dresses, Cheryl is both an amazing photographer and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet…even if she tries to make Riki eat vegetables on a regular basis.

riki sulis

No detail will go unnoticed with Riki as your photographer, but don’t worry, she’s still lots of fun to hang out with on your wedding day. She loves fancy pens, doing handy things with a mitre saw (especially when a ruler is involved) and cats. In fact, Riki’s lifelong goal is to adopt many hairless cats to dress in matching sweaters. She’s also a math teacher (which is probably where her love of straight lines originates) who seeks creative outlets through beautiful and interesting portraits. Whether teaching or photographing, Riki is all about using stories for inspiration and forming connections with people.